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Dear restaurant entrepreneur,


Gnoma B.V. is a software development company with founder and general manager Janneke Verhagen. Horeca in Actie has engaged the entrepreneur as technical director to develop a new and cheaper delivery platform for affiliated catering entrepreneurs ( as an alternative to the usual ordering platforms. These common platforms burden the catering entrepreneurs with high commission costs (more than 13%), the costs via are less than half of that (6%).

To finance this development, a crowdfunding campaign has been set up, initially for the innercrowd. In the meantime, 1/5 of the requested more than 250K has been pledged.


Via the crowdfunding platform you can invest in this project that has a term of 24 months with an interest rate of 6.5%. As a bonus, you also earn, per invested euro, a value point recorded in the Bitcoin blockchain!


A selection from the software:

For the entrepreneur:                                           For the customer:


To access this project, fill in this unique, and temporary, project link at The following explains how to give yourself access to the project.

Project link:

Don't have a customer account yet?

When you click on the project link, you can directly view the project. To make an investment, you must first register and create a customer account. During this registration you can choose whether you want to invest as a private investor or as a business investor. This automatically creates a customer account for you. will first confirm your registration to you by e-mail and ask you to activate your customer account. You can make an investment by clicking the green button 'Invest now' in the pitch. will again first confirm the investment to you by e-mail and ask you to activate your investment.

When you invest as a private individual, you will also receive a number of additional questions (the so-called 'Investor test') to ensure that you are aware of the possible risks of an investment through crowdfunding. After completing these questions, your investment will be final.

You do not have to transfer the investment amount until you receive a payment request from by e-mail, which also includes a payment reference. The costs of your investment are spread over the term and deducted from the payment of the monthly amounts. Click here for more information about this.

Do you already have a customer account?

When you click on the link, you can directly view the project. To invest in the project, log in with your username and password at

If you have any questions about the content of our proposition, please contact us directly. You can of course also contact; they can provide you with information about our project and their working method.


As an innercrowd you can invest until Wednesday morning 26 May 10:00.

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