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Our pitch

We have got a solution for damage, theft & delay AND more HUGE benefits

I am Stefan Verhagen, CEO of Zoof-It. I will tell you about benefit of the Blockchain in the Supply Chain, currently with focus on the Last Mile.

Loyalty is all about repeating Customer visits, making a successful and boosting business.

However Loyalty is under tension, pressure:

Retailers have to service ever demanding customers to be profitable in a market

● where margins are low?

Damage/theft/delay is high?

Zoof-It’s responsible Consensus (the majority) agrees by automated contract on how to tackle the loyalty pressure.

● First: Price pressure: Consensus (by people and companies) grows that free delivery and free returns are not possible anymore.

● Second: Society pressure. The Zoof-It consensus contract will also incentivize relief of for example work pressure and heavy parcel weights.

● Third: Pressure on quality of the delivery experience in convenient hours.

The Zoof-It blockchain technology

One. Offers secure, fair, ‘direct financial payments’ (no expensive factoring, dunning letters, less debtors etc).

Two. Everyone can take part in the consensus ensuring fair delivery prices, societal good, quality of customer journey, and heck yeah, even environmental good.

Three. It immutably tracks responsibilty in the chain.

The ‘happiness flow” during the customer journey impacts loyalty of a customer,

currently delivery has the most dissatisfiers, fear of:

Delay: Late or no delivery and

damaged or missing products

Customers should enjoy themselves while waiting. Waiting should be fun. This can be achieved by our consensus based delivery ecosystem with immutable responsibility, giving trustworthy ETA’s & more status information.

There is a real business need and opportunity here; ‘We Cannot Accept’ Fear (FOMO) as sole Reaction to Innovation.

Zoof-It is a low barrier end2end visible Last-Mile delivery solution, and - being a financial & operational digital twin - it can incentivize and hugely benefit everyone: shippers, couriers and customers!

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