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E-business for everybody

E-business for everybody!

Does anybody know these companies? Who is China’s second e-commerce e-company for the Last-Mile?:

This giant delivers in a few hours in China. In CHINA!

Since September 2019, FedEx calls Amazon an competitor.  What do Amazon and have in common? The complete e-business: e-commerce, warehousing, transport to delivery: 5 Party Logistics.


Does synergy (e.g. 5PL) also work for you?

Such that no third party, not even Zoof-It, involved & will profit?

Of course you can merge or acquire complementary business.

Studies show that 75% of the M&A's do not add value.

There is another way, I will tell you how…

According to McKinsey the blockchain supply chain utmost importance & very quickly so. It’s a gamechanger. Gartner research concluded 60% of SC will use blockchain within 3 years.

Do not M&A, but do work together under formalized agreements, so called smart contracts:!

Zoof-It’s strong cryptographic Bitcoin smart contract for the Last-Mile covers 2 aspects:

  • Registration of responsibility (based upon kilograms);

  • Financial clearing in seconds.

Unlike standard Bitcoin, transactions are cryptographic-ally anonymous, but still can be transparent for track&trace & compliance.

Enormous cost reductions will be enabled for sender, deliverer & receiver.

Friction diminishes, minimal invoice-, bank- and claim management, and fewer middlemen:

Cost reduction in the double percent figures(e.g. 40%), more working capital,

with confidentiality at wish, less damage, delay, theft decrease.

Take the opportunity, together in a cooperation, foundation (STAK) or even better informal union.

Mutually decide on consensus based incentives for the good of environment & society. example: The neighbor earns some money: Organic growth receiving neighbors; 2. Stimulate clustering of parcels; 3. Less consumption by deflationary currency.

Zoof-It has a Bitcoin sidechain ecosystem for cooperation in the Last-Mile.

For this product, Zoof-It and partners can help you 1. organise, manage risks, 2. integrate technically with ERP 3. enlarge awareness & support.

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